BarCare is an independent professional counselling service designed to assist members of the New South Wales Bar manage emotional and stress-related problems, such as marital breakdowns, drug or alcohol dependency and practice pressures.

BarCare is available to all members of the Bar Association and their immediate families. If a member requires assistance, he or she is encouraged to contact Jenny Houen, director, care and assistance, to arrange an appointment for a consultation.  Alternatively barristers and their families seeking assistance can directly contact one of the panel specialists to make an appointment for a consultation.

The initial consultation will seek to identify the nature and extent of the matter. Guidance will be provided regarding any potential follow-up services or treatments if required.

BarCare has access to a wide network of professionals from different disciplines for referral purposes or to discuss aspects of treatment. These include both general and specialist medical practitioners, social workers, psychologists, stress management consultants, dependency counsellors, as well as qualified people in financial and related advisory services.

Confidential assistance

The New South Wales Bar Association understands the value of member’s health and well-being and appreciates the pressures of professional and personal life associated with practising at the bar.

The Bar Association’s sole involvement is to fund and promote the service to ensure assistance is available to all members in need. No information is provided to the Bar Association without the expressed permission of the barrister.

Consultations are held in the strictest confidence.