BarCare is an independent and confidential counselling service for barristers and their immediate families. Up to six consultations are provided free of charge.

If you require confidential assistance, contact Jenny Houen, director, care and assistance, to arrange a consultation. Members in rural and regional areas can contact Barcare for assistance in locating an appropriate specialist closer to home.

During the first consultation, the director will assess what services or treatments are required. BarCare has a wide referral network of professionals across NSW. These include both general and specialist medical practitioners, social workers, psychologists, stress management consultants and dependency counsellors.

Clerks and colleagues in chambers can make a confidential referral.

Strictly Confidential

The Bar Association’s sole involvement is to fund and promote the service to ensure assistance is available to all members in need. No information is provided to the Bar Association without the express permission of the barrister.

Consultations are held in the strictest confidence.